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Hi Jake,
Welcome to ISENET!
You're so modest. By a bit of writing of your own, you mean you've written the next great American novel IMHO ;)
I am a fifth grade math teacher at Ravenscroft School and am learning about nings at a in-service today.
Hi Cara! Welcome to ISENET!
Hi, I just joined ISENET with the help of Jason Ramsden. I work with 7th grade Spanish students at Ravenscroft in Raleigh NC. It will be interesting to join the discussions that are occuring on this site.
Hello, I just joined this network today. We are involved in a training session learning about personal learning networks. I am a kindergarten teacher hoping to learn how to use this network to explore information with other kindergarten teachers. Colleen Chaney
Good morning! I have just joined the ISEnet today and am looking forward to joining many discussions. I am particularly interested in talking with other Kindergarten teachers.
Hello! I'm in computer training this week and just joined this network. I'm the Fine Arts Assistant at the school and love listening to all the ensembles and drama rehearsals and seeing all the students working in their visual arts class. I hope that some of the teachers, staff and administrators that I have met from other independent schools are members of this site so that we can "connect" easily.
Hello all from sunny & wet Charleston.
I am dept chair for our computer dept and head a huge group of 3 people ( one in LS, one in MS, and me in US). As you can imagine in an area like Computers and Computer Science, our curriculum changes pretty regularly. We focus on two major areas in our school: Computer Applications and Computer Science. While I love my hard core Cmp Sci classes, I always love to see the light turn on in my intro apps classes. Those are the kids who never really dove very deep into technology and so there is so much room to explore! And I usually recruit a bunch to challenge themselves in the following year programming classes. We are able to do some pretty good stuff(Scratch, Alice, Blitz Basic, Javascript, robotics, JAVA, C++,etc) in middle and upper school. Even tough it ends up being harder than applications, they tend to really like it. We love game programming at this age, since it is the same set of skills that they might use in a business environment, but what 14 year old kid wants to develop an inventory management system when they can save the world from the evil Zargon or perhaps try to solve world problems such as poverty and hunger. Our school is very supportive of technology and understanding of the dynamic nature of technology, so we are able to modify our projects and curriculum as needed. That works great if we see a new language or hear about a teacher doing some great stuff somewhere, we are able to bring those things into the class immediately. And I think that reflects the world around us as well, so we feel like that style just "fits". If you are doing some pretty hard core stuff that is out of the box, we would love to hear about it!
Hi all - I teach 11th and 12th graders U.S. History, AP U.S. History, World Politics, and AP Human Geography at Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles. I am looking forward to becoming more familiar with the technology that is available to enhance student learning, and am interested in what other teachers are using and how they are using it in their classrooms. I am very impressed with this site and how many teachers are getting and staying connected!

Nini Halkett
Hi everyone,

I am an upper school science teacher and the JK-12 sustainability coordinator at St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School in Alexandria, VA. I am so excited to be a part of the NAIS Teachers of the Future program.
Amanda, welcome... I went to (then SSS) SSSAS for my middle school years before heading west to a boarding school in western Maryland. How are things on the SSSAS campus? Is Joan still holding down the fort? She came to SAS my sister's senior year, and we all loved her so. She's done so much for the School in the eons since... Enjoy the new year, and congrats on participating in the TF program.

/s/ Peter


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