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I was wondering what DB you were using for Blackbaud? Are you on the free SQL MSDE 2000, 2003? Have you upgraded to the standard edition? Did it improve BB speed at all? Has anyone made the jump to 2005 SQL yet? What is the size of your DB?

We are about to convert the last piece of Financial Edge to version 7, therefor we will now be able to upgrade our MSDE 2000 to 2005. I also found out that if your DB is over 1GB then upgrading to the full version of SQL will improve performance. Something I am going to try this summer.

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Hey Justin,
We're on FE/EE 7 and when we ran an update last fall it forced an update to the "free" SQL 2005 Express. Noone could get to their data until we figured out we had to grant them permission to "view server state" [one of the settings accessed through SQL management studio express.] A nice feature of this version is the Windows authentication. [Knocking loudly on wood] there haven't been any speed complaints. I don't know if it got faster with this update, because I wasn't here previously, but it seems to be running well. Andrew is planning to rebuild the server this summer because the original installation had some settings which were done in a way that weren't optimal. He'd have more details on that. Our FE/EE DB is about 2 Gbs. RE is under 1. hth. -d
Good to know. When we went to version 7 all of my users complained about how slow things became, even though my server and desktop specs were WAY above what BB suggested. I am wondering if investing in SQL 2005 Standard would help. BB cant give me a yes or no on this. I only have 4 users that connect to this DB so upgrade to standard would only cost me $300.
We're using the full MSSQL 2005 Standard Edition, which can scale up to 4 nodes for High Availability before having to get the Enterprise Edition.

Currently, we're just getting started with EE and I haven't looked at FE in a while but our DBs are very much under 1GB. We don't have any performance problems that are a result of the DB engine (some with our network, that I'm currently working on).
Move from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 this year. Not sure of size at this point, probably around 1.7 gb. Moved because SQL 2000 is end of life.


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