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We current use Blackbaud Education Edge to print report cards for our Middle and Upper School students.  We are interested in posting a copy of each student's report card to our Parent Portal (Whipple Hill).  Has anyone been able to do this or something like it?  It doesn't seem like Blackbaud will play nicely this way.

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We use EE and NetClassroom and post report cards to NetClassroom. It works very well for us. O-Matic Software built a report card email tool for us but we have decided not to use it because of privacy concerns.

Yeah, we also used NetClassroom at my old school to give parents access to grades, etc. This was real-time access to daily grades, and it sounds like you only want to set up access for report cards. I think NetClassroom does have that capability... to just give the quarter or semester grades. If you are talking about access to a PDF file of the report card I'm not sure NetClassroom does that. Maybe the folks up at Whipple Hill could build a customization for you to import a set of PDF files with a standard naming convention.

Yes.  I'd like to be able to pull individual PDFs from EE and post them on Whipple Hill but I cannot seem to get it to work on the EE side (nor can tech support).  I didn't know if there was another way around this.  I'm not really interested in buying into NetClassroom (on top of our Whipple Hill pages).


Hi Page,
This is exactly what was hoping to do with Manage User Files tool under WH's Platform Manager.

However after researching it - According to BB's knowledgebase:

Solution ID:    BB425841
Product:    Registrar's Office 7 (BBSIS), Student Billing 7, Registrar's Office 7 (EE)
Published:    12/10/2007
Updated:    12/09/2010


Report cards, transcripts, and statements saved as a pdf file will save based on all the students in the included parameters.  If multiple students are selected, one file is created based on all the selected students.



This is a suggestion we are reviewing. To be notified if the suggestion status changes, click Subscribe beneath the solution title. Provide any comments about how this would be beneficial to your organization in the “How can we improve this information?” box below.

 Which means unless you export each individual report card as a separate PDF and then organize and create a spreadsheet for them you can't do it.


Thanks Ed.  That's where I ended up with Blackbaud (completely frustrated).  I was hoping there was another way to do it but I just can't find a way without doing it one by one.  I'm not even sure if Crystal Reports can do that.  thanks again.


We are currently using Blackbaud for our report cards (and just about everything else). Because our report cards are so complicated (both in French and English and some French gov requirements) we have no choice but to use Crystal Reports. We have been talking about making them available online for parents to download (as PDFs) and I had the same question as you (creating individual PDF from a group of students). I will contact our Blackbaud Crystal Reports person and will post back.

Thanks Julien - I'll be interested to hear what the answer is from the Crystal side.  I'm guessing there are many people in this position.

According to our Crystal Reports tech person some school are doing it already. It is, however done in Adobe Professional and not in Crystal Reports. CR is unable to tell Adobe PDF where to spilt the file. Our Tech will try to get some information, and I will do some research of my own since we have Adobe Pro.
I will report if/when I found something.

Wow - more complex than I thought.  Thanks and I'll keep researching on my end.

Thanks Julien,

That is helpful.  It just means another (labor-intensive) step.  But this could work.

Almost a year after your post, but I just found "Visual Cut" and watched the demo. ( ) Skipped ahead to Bursting and Email. 

Hi All,

I am interested in learning if you made any headway in figuring out how to email grade reports to parents?  We made contact with Omatic, a company that sends emails of Blackbaud student bills and Blackbaud's canned student reports, but we have a custom report and they can't do those.  I'd love to know if anyone has found a way to do this efficiently.

Many thanks.


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