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Have issue with student getting infected with viruses. Current setup is as follows we have antivirus, academic and administrative networks can talk with one another. Students are putting software that have infected files on their machine. Would like to know what others are doing out there

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What kind of a virus scanning solution do you have?
With Symantec Enterprise solution you could add all the workstations (laptops) to the server console and have the server automatically update the virus definititions on the clients (the workstations).
The client can also be configured to automatically scan any new files getting on the client harddrive and also it can be configured to perform harddrive scanning on a monthly basis for example.

There are lots of other antivirus solutions out there but I thought the Symantec model would give a good idea of how it should work.

Hope this helps.

Adrian Bica
Had Symantec and it was CPU intensive. We are currently using Norman anti-virus. I think that is the problem as we are just using anti-virus and no firewalls or malware removal.
We're getting ready to switch from CA to Sophos for anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, and application control.
We've recently migrated from AVG to ClamWin for anti-virus protection on our campuses. There's no silver bullet here. Best lesson has been making sure they "enjoy" a little downtime with their first problems so they develop a sense as to the importance of protecting against viruses. That and teach them how to do an "on-demand" scan of a downloaded file.
I would also suggest putting on virus protection that cannot be removed by the user and virus software that does real time monitoring. I havent scheduled virus scans in over 6 years. I just let the real time monitoring do the job. I havent had a single problem yet.
We currently use Sophos Endpoint Security which has the ability to centrally deploy, manage, and update client A/V on workstations connected to the network. The firewall feature has the ability to block installation of new applications and also monitor/prevent registry changes. Depending on your network's topology, a centrally managed A/V, Firewall, and NAC solution may be your best bet to limit infected files....
We use the sophos anti virus, switched from Symantec for many reasons, including size of footprint, external server for sophos, costs, and central management. We also have a Bradford Campus Manager NAC, which scans all devices (including macs) for threats as well as required updated and realtime antivirus, OS updates and patches, etc. Most threats come from within once your perimeter is secured. A functioning and correctly configured perimeter firewall is an essential piece of the network.
In the few Windows machines we have on campus we use Kaspersky AV. It's a great piece of software for that purpose.


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